The Staten Island Skating Pavilion is New York City’s one and only regulation sized skating rink, offering a wealth of programs that cater to a variety of skaters. This generational business introduces children to the ice as early as kindergarten, while fostering their growth and competitive spirt to adulthood. 

When I decided to take on this project, my goal was to highlight the professionalism and expertise that the skating rink already offers, while creating a website that invites all age groups to take part in the timeless activity of ice skating.

 I started by taking to the ice… literally, with camera in hand to capture visuals that would engage anyone from the novice skater to the seasoned professional. The colors I chose were a step away from the monochromatic color scheme of their former website. The choice of typeface tied the look together with a modern aesthetic that speaks to today. 

sisp iphone mockup.png



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