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Function and creativity collide with Covert NYC. This fashion brand features transformable products with a sleek design for the city goers needing to adapt to whatever circumstances life throws their way.

When I met with co-founder Gracie Tirro, she agreed that the product’s streamlined style far exceeded their current website. I began by understanding their target market versus current brand perception. We then decided to focus on what makes Covert NYC stand out amongst the crowd in the fashion realm that being, the transformation. With the introduction motion elements (such as gifs and looping videos) and strategic placement of photography we conveyed that their product is uniquely two different items in one.





After completing their website co-founder Grace Tirro reached out to me again to create a brand book to give to retailers she was meeting with. In keeping with the brand aesthetic, I crafted a book that would give potential buyers an immediate impression of the brand, carrying them through the story of Covert NYC from concept to featured articles in acclaimed magazines such as Star and Us Weekly.




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